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Length 23 ft 7 in
Height 9 ft 5 in (top of the vertical stabilizer)
Wing Airfoil NACA 4415 (same airfoil as the famous bushplane, DeHavilland Beaver)
Short Wing span 31 ft 11 inches
Long Wing span 35 ft 11 inches
Short Wing Area 157 sq ft
Long Wing area 177 sq ft
Short Wing loading 14 lbs/sq ft
Long Wing loading
Gross Weight 2300 lbs Land 2100 lbs. Water
Empty Weight 1435 lbs conventional gear, 1500 lbs tricycle gear
Useful Load 865 lbs conventional gear, 800 lbs tricycle gear
Fuel Capacity Standard 76 gal
Optional 92 gal
Baggage Compartment Rated Capacity 400 lbs
Baggage Compartment Dimensions 96 inches long
Cabin Width
Propeller 74 inch 2 blade on 150 hp engine
74 inch composite 3 blade on engines through 180 hp
Option - Beta/Reverse Pitch
78 inch composite 3 blade on 200 and 220 hp engines
Option - Beta/Reverse Pitch


Stall Speed
Short Wing 45 kts
Long Wing 41 kts

Turbo Models
65% at 10,000 ft 140 mph
75% at 10,000 ft. 149 mph
75% at 15,000 ft. 160 mph
75% at 19,000 ft. 173 mph
75% at 25,000 ft. 180 mph
75% at 29,000 ft 195 mph

SL Rate of Climb 760 fpm.

(70 gal usable fuel) Normally Aspirated Models
Standard Lycoming

ZEHRBACH Ceramic Engine


Turbocharged Models
Standard Lycoming


2200 lb.

Take Off Ground Roll-land 980 ft 1,000 ft
Landing Ground Roll -land 650 ft. 1,200 ft

Take Off Run water 1,200 ft
Landing Run - water 1,200 ft
1900 lb

Take Off Ground Roll 450 ft
Landing Ground Roll 350 ft

Take Off Run - water 650 ft
Landing Run water 450 ft


A) The speeds and performance are based on the data measured at given power levels. They do not reflect:
1) The extra speed obtained from the new streamlined engine cowling, engine pylon, large spinner, increased prop efficiency, or drag reduction program. The new performance data using these new airframe changes is now being collected and will appear in the tables as soon as it is verified.
2) The performance at power levels above 180 hp. Is calculated and not yet verified.

B) The speeds listed in the chart for altitudes above 5,000 ft are calculated based on observed speeds at given power settings which are being verified and modified as required.

C) All speeds listed for the turbocharged engines are calculated based on observed speeds with normally aspirated engines and have not yet been verified in flight tests.