To provide the discerning owner/operator a high payload, fast, long range, STOL AMPHIBIOUS aircraft with a PROVEN PEDIGREE that is low cost to acquire and operate. The Aeromarine conversion is based upon the Teal amphibian, an airframe with an excellent thirty year history of reliability. One of these aircraft did yeoman service in African coastal patrol missions for over two decades and now resides in a French Museum. In certain Aeromarine configurations speeds to 200 knots with range to over 1800 miles are possible. The turbocharged models go to the next level of performance by offering very high cruising speeds at altitude coupled with very long range. For the first time there is an aircraft a pilot can operate on land or water, but also use for speedy long distance travel. The second part of the program is to provide as near to a corrosion-proof aircraft as is possible. Large components, such as the hull, will be composite. Currently metal parts are treated with space-age anti-corrosion coatings. These coatings have withstood 1,000 hr. salt spray tests. Other parts, such as brake systems, are made of stainless steel.


The Super AeroMarine line of aircraft is the culmination of all of the modification packages, but with the added feature of a longer hull fabricated from non-corroding composite materials. The aircraft is significantly redesigned having a 73% power increase, approximately three times the range, and approximately a doubling of cruise speed at altitude.

Latest Developments

The wings were removed from the factory demonstrator in December 2008. The aircraft is being painted in the black and gold design shown in the photos. During the winter down months the engine nacelle and prop will be changed to the most recent design in preparation for spring flight demonstrations.